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SOC 4010 Reading The Shifting Debate

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SOC 4010
Norman Dubeski

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The Shifting Debate Terrorism Gun Control Abroad and Children911 changed peoples minds about gun controlarmed themselvesCelebrity advice runs counter to actionIdea of remaning passive went discredited but the press still recommends it911boxcutters and knives were used yet there were calls for new gun control measuresNew guns were labelled terrorists weapon of choice even though they were never used against the US Misleading case that thousands of terrorists were buying weapons at gunshowsIsreal Dealt with terrorism for decades encouraged citizens to carry to thwart terrorists since they always target policeStates that pass concealed handgun laws experience drops in murder rates and other violent crimeTypes of government policies that can help prevent multiple victim public shootings and bombings Concealed guns federal marshall program on planes armed pilotsFears of having guns on planes is exaggeratedArmed pilots can defend cockpit better than armed marshallsGun control advocates point to European models
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