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Chapter 2

ANTH 1220 Chapter 2: Topic 19

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University of Manitoba
ANTH 1220
Ellen R.Judd

Oc78 35 species of land animals (=12 the total) become extinct in N. America Old world Folsom Culture ~ 1210 TYA Similar to clovis, smallerbetter points, all over North America (South of glaciers) Mega fauna extinctions (mammoth, mastodon, giant beaverbisonground sloth) Big game hunting Plano Culture ~ last megaculture Great plains culture, continuation of Folsom, glaciers melting faster Environments move towards north Woodlands Culture ~ 1000 BCE0 CE Domesticate own food (corn, beans, squash), villages appear, larger units = tribe Evolved different teeth People came to New World many times (most recent = Inuit similar to Siberians) Original migration = Aboriginal, middle migration = NW coast, Alaskan interior Origins of Food Production Important Dates 2.5 MYA earliest archaeology (stone tools) 150 TYA AMHS language 12 TYA earliest agriculture SW Asia (Homo sapiens relied 10 on agriculture) 5 TYA earliest civilizationsstates SW Asia and North Africa Origins of Agriculture Major change in way of life health, more children, poor diet, lower status for women 1300 CE Manitoba begins farming 1400 CE little ice age (coldest since last glacier) o climatic zones move South Huntergatherer
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