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Chapter 29

BIOL 1010 Chapter 29: Topic 29.1

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Biological Sciences
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BIOL 1010
Emily A.Mc Kinnon

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O|82 Bio 1010 flow and chemical cycling between living and non-living components among and between communities. BIOSPHERE LEVEL– The most complex level to study ecology. This is an especially new field of study, it has only recently become practical due to great advances in satellite imagery of Earth, global communication systems, and breakdown of national isolation which has allowed scietists from many countries to work together and share results. It is the most interdisciplinary Ecological science, because it brings together scientific findings from many branches of science, including: climatology, oceanography, meteorology, soil science, geology, physics, chemistry, and all the biological sciences. Q: OF THE TERMS POPULATION, ECOSYSTEM, ORGANISM, AND COMMUNITY, WHICH LEVEL OF ORGANIZATION ENCOMPASSES ALL OF THE OTHERS? A: ecosystem 35.3: PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL FACTORS INFLUENCE LIFE IN THE BIOSPHERE Some important abiotic factors and how they affect the distribution of organisms: ENERGY SOURCES: all organisms require a source of energy to live. Solar energy from sunlight, captured during the process of photosynthesis, powers most ecosystems. Lack of sunlight is seldom the most important factor limiting plant growth for terrestrial ecosystems, although shading by trees does create intense competition for light among plants growing on forest floors. in many aquatic environments, however, light is not uniformly available. microorganisms and suspended particles, as well as water itself, absorb light and prevent it from penetrating beyond certain depths. As a result; most photosynthesis occurs near the water’s surface. TEMPERATURE: Temperature is highly important because of its influential role o
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