FMLY 1010 Chapter 13: Topic 2

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 Once diagnosed, take bonebuilding medication Fosamax Vision and Hearing (443) Two changes in eyes: presbyopia Lens of eye thickens, light to retina decreases, hard for lens to focus, elasticity declines in lens blurry Near objects vision deteriorates fast, trouble seeing far away bifocals Hearing problems presbycusis Wear and tear of auditory nerve and inner ear structures loss in highlow frequencies Slow progression until age 50 accelerates Caused by life long exposure to excessive noise Health Promotion andWellness Health Trends at MidLife (444) Measured physical, mental, social health More aches, pains, more chronic diseases, disabilities, Physical activity is linked to increased longevity Cancer (446) ***table of risk factors Leading cause of Canadians in middlelater adulthood Life time probability 45 men, 40 women Most common, lung cancer then breast for women, colorectal for men Not happen randomly eating well helps prevention Safe sex helps, vaccinations, etc. (more random causes pg. 447) Cardiovascular Disease (447) Set of disease processes in the heart and circulatory system Major problem is in arteries Atherosclerosis: narrowing of arteries caused by deposits of plaque Completely blocked, heart attack, stroke not part of normal aging Rate of CVD decreased by 70 since 1956 to 2002 in Canada Helped increase life expectancy, but still major cause of death General Risk Factors: (pg. 446 table 15.2) (448) Prevalence of most major CVD risk factors (high BP, diabetes, obesity) increased dramatically over last decade rise in risk factors in young More high risk behaviors, higher risk of heart disease cumulative Personality and Health Type A personality: associated with greater risk of coronary heart disease, competitive achievement striving, time urgency, hostility Linked to higher levels of cholesterol, increase risk CVD Most common link is CVD and hostility larger variables anger, anxiety, cynicism Negative emotions associated with CVD type D personality Chronic pattern of emotions distress, suppress negative emotions Gender and Health (449) Women have greater life expectancy, but more diseases and disabilities
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