FMLY 1010 Chapter 13: Topic 7

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 Improvements in relationships may stem from increased sense of control (marital selfefficacy) Skilled diplomacy = approach to solving problems that involves confrontation of the spouse about an issue, followed by a period during which the confronting spouse works to restore harmony o Practiced more often by wives than by husbands Middleaged couples are less likely to divorce than younger couples Those middleaged women who do divorce find it easier to cope with than younger women o More resilient in the face of traumatic events Divorce wont affect children as much by the time parents are in middleage The Role of the Caregiver (467) Middle adulthood is likely a time when more help is given than received Sandwich Generation: Role requires giving assistance in both directions in the generational chain Leads to midlife squeeze Multigenerational caregivers = middleaged adults who are caring for both elderly parents and young adult children at the same time, aka sandwich generation (Emptying the nest study 467, Revolving door 468, Care for Aging Parents 469) Often find demands of caregiving leave them with little time to care for themselves 8 indicated caregiving causedworsened a health condition Caregiver burden = the cumulative negative effects of caring for an elderlydisabled person Just over half of caregivers claim to be coping well Majority of caregivers find personal satisfaction from providing assistance Intensity of care depends on: Degree of infirmity of aging parents Nature of relationship adult has with aging parents Degree of help required by young adult children Grandparenting (469) More than half of Canadian adults become grandparents by the end of middle adulthood Almost 5 grandchildren for each grandparent (for the 5.7 million Canadian grandparents) .5 million grandchildren share a home with their grandparents Only very few live only with grandparents Role of grandparent leads to high levels of satisfaction Grandparents especially important as a source of stability for children of divorced parents Grandparents have privileges, not rights, of access to grandchildren (certain laws in Alberta, BC, Quebec) Grandparents and grandchildren share many of same activities as parentschildren Companionate relationship most common pattern, grandparents have frequent contact and warm interactions with grandchildren Remote relationships next most common pattern, grandparents dont see their grandchildren, often due to remoteness caused by physical distance
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