FMLY 1010 Chapter 13: Topic 4

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Family Social Sciences
FMLY 1010
Christine A.Schippers

R98729 Alcohol Use Disorders o More men than women heavy drinkers Alcoholism: physical and psychological dependence on alcohol Smaller parts of brain, less responsive to stimuli, problems with memory and language CVD more prevalent weakens muscles of heart, blood vessels Damages digestive, immune and lose muscle strength, delay menopause Quitting alcohol can help stop liver damage Cognitive Functioning (451) Model of Physical and Cognitive Aging Typical curve of risefall of mentalcognitive function depends on mentalphysical exercise in certain skill o More exercise, higher peak, less exercise, lower peak in skill o More crystallized abilities moderately exercise, fluid abilities unexercised Able to improve any skill with exercise but peak able t reach declines with age Selective Optimization with Compensation: process of balancing losses and gains associated with aging o Use compensatory strategies to offset effects of aging, o Devote most of resources to single task, optimize skills they think can be improved by exercising o Selection middle aged adult reduces distractions to efficiently carry out cognitive task Health and Cognitive Functions (452) Same characteristics linked to increaseddecreased risk of heart diseasecancer, linked to maintenance of intellectual skill Those with CVD, earlierlarger decline in intellectual skills Physical activityexercise also factor for good cognitive ability Changes in Memory and Cognition (453) Memory Function o Assume memory function decline steadily across adult years As we age more forgetful but maybe more to remember than when we were young more tasksdemands Visual memory declines in middle age Greater detail and greater interval, biggest difference between young and middle adulthood o Recognition of words and texts remains stable
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