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Chapter 14

PHIL 1200 Chapter 14: Topic 18

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PHIL 1200
David R.Hampton

lD82R Because Jones3 was not coerced, since he did not act on the basis of the threat Rather, he acted on the basis of his earlier decision To be coerced, one has to act in a certain way because of the external forced applied Jones3 therefore, appears to be morally responsible and not coerced Yet, he could not have done otherwise Frankfurt’s conclusion When we excuse a person who has been coerced, we do not excuse hum because he was unable to do otherwise Frankfurtreplieswithanewexample,thatofJones4andtheevilscientist Black Suppose Black, who works for the Boss knows at all times what Jones4 wants to do by having secretly placed a transmitter in Jones4’s head If he detects that Jones4 wants to testify, the transmitter is activated and forces Jones4’s brain to automatically refrain from testifying In this case, Jones4 really cannot do otherwise But he is still responsible if he chooses not to testify for his own reason
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