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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Textbook Notes

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PSYC 2290
Debra Lall

Chapter 6 Accommodation  Create new schemes or adjust old ones  Dropping item different ways Adaptation  Building schemes through direct environmental interaction  Assimilation and accommodation A-not-B Search Error  Searching in the first hiding spot for object Assimilation Use current schemes to interpret world   Dropping objects Autobiographical Memory  Recalling info from distant past or recently, about self Babbling  Consonants added to vowel noises Central Executive  Directs flow of info  Coordinates informing info and mental strategies Child-directed Speech  Short sentences with high pitch Circular Reaction  Accidentally stumbling upon new experience that becomes a scheme Comprehension  Understanding language Cooing  2 month vowel noises Core Knowledge Perspective  Born with innate knowledge systems to grasp new info Developmentally Appropriate Practice  Standards of program characteristics that are best for young development and individual needs  Based on research and consensus of experts Developmental Quotient  Like an IQ quotient but not called that because infant test scores do not relate to later intelligence much Displaced Reference  Words can be used to cue mental images 1st birthday Expressive Style  Social formulas and pronouns (thank you, I want it, done) Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment  Checklist for gathering info about quality of child's home life  Observation and parental interview Infantile Amnesia  Cannot retrieve info before age 3 Intelligence Quotient  Extent the score deviates from
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