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Accounting & Financial Management
AFM 241
Theophanis Stratopoulos

Whirlpool Europe Company Background - Whirlpool Europe manufactures products based on sales budgets/forecasts - Operated 11 plants, 10 located in Europe and 1 in Africa - Each plant produces a specific product line - Unique country requirements (language, attribute preferences) resulted in multiple stock- keeping units (SKUs) for the same model - Orders move from manufacturing to one of two central distribution centers and then on to one of 12 regional distribution centers - Each European market has a country sales office responsible for sales generation - Whirlpool operate many standalone information systems Project Atlantic - Goal is to design and implement an ERP that would allow Whirlpool to better serve its customers and also reduce inventory by 12 days of sales - Accomplished through a (new) information system that allow a country sales office to view product throughout, better integration with suppliers and increased inventory visibility, build products to specific orders from contractors Benefits - Working Capital Reduction  ERP system allow for more transparent supply chain, eliminating reserved, allocated and obsolete units and reducing the in-transit time  Reduce 12 days of inventory in new wave - Revenue and Gross Margin Increase  Increase product availability by making supply chain more visible and integrating sales forecasting and inventory management  Targeted product
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