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Chapter 1

GEOG101 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Choropleth Map, Geographic Information System, Cartogram

Geography and Environmental Management
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Nancy Worth

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Chapter 1- Geography Matters
What is Geography? (P4-8, 33)
Places; specific geographic settings with distinctive physical, social, and cultural attributes
Region; territories that encompass may places, all or most of which share attributes different from the
tributes of places elsewhere
Physical vs human geography
Physial geogaphy = Eath’s atual poesses ad thei outoes, ie liate, eathe pattes,
landforms, plant/animal ecology, etc
Human Geography = spatial ogaizatio of hua atiities ad ith people’s elationships to their
environments, ie how physical environment influences human activity
Regional geography= human and physical geography- concerned with the way that unique combinations
of environmental and human factors produce territories with distinctive landscapes and cultural
Human geography is to reveal how and why geographical relationships are important via natural, social,
economic, political and cultural phenomena
Regional Analysis (p24-28)
Regionalization- individual places/areal units are categorized
Formal regions- Basic definition, places that have characteristics in common
Functional regions/nodal regions- regions that overall share coherences in structure & economic,
political, and social organization (likely these regions all rely on one central district)
Vernacular regions- A egio that is peeied y people, ot atual set oudaies
Regionalism- different religious/ethnic groups coexist in the same boundaries
Sectionalism- Regionalism, but with extreme devotion to regional interests/customs
Irredentism- Goeet lais teitoy that’s ot i thei odes, eause people of thei atioality
are living there anyways
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