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University of Waterloo
Human Resources Management
HRM 200
Katrina Di Gravio

Chapter 16 Labour RelationsIntroduction to Labour RelationsLabourManagement Relations ongoing interactions betweenolabour unionsomanagementif management is doing the wrong thing they will attract a union its the fault of management that unions exist Labour Union Union officially recognized association of employeesoin similar tradeoemployed in same companyindustryocollective voice in dealings with management unionizations are to influence HR policies and practices that affect bargaining unit members collective agreement union contract a formal agreement between an employer and the union representing a group of its employees regarding terms and conditions of employment governs the selection of employees for transfers promotions training programs and specify the order in which employees can be laid off and recalled ocollective bargaining negotiations between a union and an employer to arrive at a mutually acceptable collective agreement specific employees go into a company and create a union even if one is not necessarythey go to labour board and get certifiedthey have to show that there are enough employees that are dissatisfied thus if theyre in majority than they dont need a voteManagements Labour Relations Strategy Union acceptance strategyoView the union as the legitimate representative of the firms employees Union avoidance strategy more popular among companies oUnion substitutionRun the company responsive to employees needs so that a union is unnecessary oUnion suppression Ex Walmart says that if the employees form a union they will close the storeDesire to avoid unions at all cost Canadas Labour Laws 2 Objectives
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