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COMM 296 Chapter Notes -Focus Group

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COMM 296
Tamar Milne

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Chapter 9: Marketin g Re search and Information Systems
Jan 26-27, 11
Comm 296
Lo0: Intro
Use Marketing Research Techniques and principles for systematically collecting,
recording, analyzing and interpreting data that can aid decision makers involved in
marketing goods, services or ideas.
Researching the past and present to help judgement about the future
Values of Marketing Research:
Helps reduce uncertainty in current operations
Helps decision making
Provides information of environment for firms
Allows for customer orientation (because strategies are built around
customer input + feedback)
Can respond quickly to competitors (because immediate environment is
Who uses Marketing Research? EVERYONE
Corporate and retail
Government + Politics
What message to present to each demographic
Lo1: How do marketers use information systems to crea te greater value for
How to gather marketing research: MARKETING INFORMATION SYSTEM ( MkIS )
Set of procedures and methods to apply to regular, planned collection,
analysis and presentation of information that then can be used in marketing
Provides a means to accumulate information internal and external to the
organization to help managers make more informed decisions
Ex ample . Overstock.com collects attributes during shopping sessions online to find
out which incentives to offer customer at online checkout.

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Geographic origin
Time of day
Example: Burger King wants to know what to promote in two areas. Takes revenue
data, divides up on how much was spent on what item, what is popular, what should
be promoted in that area.
Data Warehouse – where data is kept in a computer file(s)
Data Mining – using statistical analysis tools to find out patterns in the data and
relationships between variables
Example: Data mining can uncover to a company that when consumer buys product
a, he/she is x% likely to also buy product b. Therefore make a bundle/place items
close together to increase/make decision accordingly
L o2 : Can Certain marketing Research Practices Cause a Firm to Encounter
Ethical Problems?
The bottom line: Marketing research should be used only to produce
unbiased, factual information.
More Technology
Ability to abuse information and access to the data THEREFORE:
Must respect and be careful
Losing credit card information
What can Organizations d o?
Voluntarily notify consumers that information is kept confidential and
not sold/given away
Organizations have been created to watch that data mining does not
abuse personal information
Laws has privacy policies
Do not call/do not email initiatives in privacy practices
Adhere to ethical practices
Three Guidelines to Conducting Marketing Research:
1) Prohibit selling or fundraising under guise of conducting research
Do not say you’re doing research, and try to sell something to a
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