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Chapter 2

May 15_The Structure of the eye&Basic Visual Neural Processing-Chapter 2.docx

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PSYC 367
James Hyman

I The structure of the eye 1 A Little Light PhysicsThe dual nature of light to avoid confusion just treat light as being made up of waves when it moves around the world and being made up of photonstiny particles that each consist of one quantum of energy when it is absorbedWavelengths in the visible spectrum 380 nm780 nm nanometers Refraction occurs when light passes from air into the eyeball2 Eyes That See LightStructure of the Human Eye 1 Sclera the tough outer membrane of the eye that holds the rest of the structures in continuous with the cornea in front and forms a sheath around the optic nerve in back the whites of your eyes2 Cornea the transparent window into the eyeball continuous with the sclera but clear is the first eye structure that light encounters as it is transmitted into the eye serves as a barrier to the outside world and does much of the focusing and refracting of light rays as they pass through it allows us to see things from behind a damaged cornea can be very painful due to the large numbers of free nerve endings pain detectors in them Minor scratches usually heal on their own3 Aqueous Humor a fluid derived from blood fills the space immediately behind the cornea supplying oxygen and nutrients toremoving waste from the cornea and the lens function as cerebrospinal fluid in the brain to keep its shape by fluid pressure
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