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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Formulas

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BUSI 1520U
Amin Ibrahim

Chapter 2 Excel Formulas And FunctionsthMonday September 26 2011Pg 373408Formula BasicsYour ability to build sophisticated spreadsheets and to interpret the results increases your value to any organizationUsing semiselection to create a FormulaSemiselection or pointingis the process of using the mouse pointer to select cells while building a formulaSemiselection is often called pointing because you use the mouse pointer to select cells as you build the formulaTo use the semiselection techniqueClick the cell where you want to create the formulaType an equal sign to start the formulaClick the cell or drag to select the cell range that contains the values to use in the formula A moving marquee appears around the cell or range you select and excel displays the cell or range reference in the formulaType a mathematical operatorContinue clicking cells selecting ranges and typing operators to finish the formula Use the scroll bars if the cell is in a remote location in the worksheet or click a worksheet tab to see a cell in another worksheetPress enter to complete the formulaUsing Relative Absolute and Mixed Cell References in FormulasWhen you copy a formula excel either adjusts or preserves the cell references in the copied formulas based on how the cell references appear in the original formulaUses 3 different ways to reference a cell in a formula relative absolute and mixedUsing a Relative Cell ReferenceA relative cell reference indicatesa cells relative location from the cell containing the formula the cell reference changes when the formula is copiedWhen you copy a formula containing a relative cell reference the cell references in the copied formula change relative to the position of the copied formulaRegardless of where you copy the formula the cell references in the copied formula maintain the same relative distance from the copied formula cell as the cell references relative location to the original formula cellUsing an Absolute Cell ReferenceAn absolute cell referenceindicates a cells specific location this cell reference does not change when you copy the formulaAn absolute cell reference appears with a dollar sign before both the column letter and row number such as B5Using a Mixed Cell ReferenceA mixed cell referencecontains both an absolute and a relative cell reference in a formula the absolute par does not change but the relative part does when you copy the formulaAn exampleB5 or B5In the reference of B5 the column B is absolute and the row number is relativeThe F4 KeyThe F4 key toggles through relative absolute and mixed referencesClick a cell reference within a formula on the formula bar then press F4 to change it For example click in B5 in the formula A8B5 Press F4 and the relative cell reference B5 changes to an absolute cell reference B5 Press F4 again and B5 becomes a mixed reference B5 press F4 again and it becomes another mixed referenceB5 Press F4 a fourth time and the cell reference returns to the original relative reference B5Avoiding Circular References
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