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UOITBIOL 1010UMary OlaevsonFall

BIOL 1010U Chapter Notes -Purine, Thymine, Genetic Variation

OC35348521 Page
10 Nov 2014
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UOITBUSI 1600UShaprio, MordenWinter

Understanding Canadian Business [BUSI1600] - Chapter 1 Notes

OC308124 Page
15 Feb 2012
Profit > the amount of money a business brings in above and beyond wha t it pays out in salaries and expenses. Revenue > the total amount of money a bu
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UOITBUSI 2312UKrasmanWinter

BUSI 2312U Chapter Notes - Chapter 13: Job Security, Safety Data Sheet, Role Conflict

OC12193610 Page
30 May 2014
Chapter 13 ensuring health and safety at the workplace. Assumption of risk the worker accepting all the customary risks associated with his or her occu
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UOITBUSI 2150UJohn FriedlanWinter

BUSI 2150U Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Financial Audit, Canada Revenue Agency, International Financial Reporting Standards

Gavin Pandher2 Page
13 Jan 2016
Accounting is a system for gathering data about an entity"s economic activity, processing and organizing the data to produce useful information about t
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UOITBUSI 2312UKrasmanWinter

Chapter 11 – Managing Employee Relations.docx

OC12193615 Page
30 May 2014
Employee relations is a complex blend of organizational culture, human resource practices and individual perceptions. Four major reasons to why employe
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UOITBUSI 2312UJoe KrasmanWinter

BUSI 2312U Chapter Notes - Chapter 8: Central Tendency, Balanced Scorecard, Organizational Learning

Gavin Pandher3 Page
28 Feb 2017
The use of performance data to effect organizational culture, systems, and processes, set goals, allocate resources, affect policies and programs, and
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UOITSCIE 1920URupinder BrarFall

SCIE 1920U Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Celestial Sphere, Celestial Equator, March Equinox

OC7757986 Page
8 Oct 2016
Seasons are a result of the way the tilt of earth"s axis causes sunlight to fall differently on. The sun always rises somewhere in the east, reaches it
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UOITBUSI 1010UWilliam ThurberWinter

THINK [Crit. Think & Ethics, BUSI1010] - Chapter 1 Notes

OC308124 Page
15 Feb 2012
Critical thinking - a collection of skills we use every day that are nece ssary for our full intellectual and personal development. Logic - the study o
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UOITBUSI 2201UjuanwangFall

BUSI 2201U Chapter Notes - Chapter 3: Market Environment, Disposable And Discretionary Income, Gross Income

OC7757989 Page
2 Oct 2016
Changes in the marketing environment are a source of opportunities and threats to be managed. Environmental scanning is the process of continually acqu
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UOITBUSI 1010UWilliam ThurberWinter

THINK [Crit. Think & Ethics, BUSI1010] - Chapter 4 Notes

OC308124 Page
15 Feb 2012
Knowledge - information or experience that we believe to be true for which we ha ve justification or evidence. Rationalists claim that the most human k
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UOITBUSI 2170UjonesWinter

BUSI 2170U Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Operating Leverage, Sensitivity Analysis, Contribution Margin

OC15504606 Page
15 Feb 2017
Break-even point in units and in sales dollars. Cost-volume-profit (cvp) analysis estimates how changes in costs (both variable and fixed), sales volu(
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UOITBUSI 1600UShaprio, MordenWinter

BUSI 1600U Chapter Notes - Chapter 2: Monopolistic Competition, Market Price, Free Market

OC1219369 Page
26 Apr 2013
Economics the study of how society chooses to employ resources to produce goods and services and distribute them for consumption among various competin
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