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Chapter 1

HSS2381 Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Introduction to Data Analysis in an Evidence-Based Practice Environment summary

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Health Sciences
Eleanor Riesen

Chapter 1: Introduction to Data Analysis in an EvidenceBased Practice Environment Data Analysis Nursing Research: Evidencebased practice (EBP): Use of best clinical evidence in making patient care decisions Research EvidenceBased Practice: Research: is systematic inquiry that uses orderly, disciplined methods (including statistics) to answer questions or solve problems The aim of nursing research is to generate evidence that can contribute to EBP for nurses Typical Steps in EBP: 1. Asking clinical questions 2. 2) Searching for research evidence that addresses the question 3. appraising the evidence 4. integrating the evidence with ones own clinical expertise info about patient preferences Next step: locate appraisal Appraisal: all aspects of relevant study; how sample of participants were selected, how confounding variables were controlled, hwo concepts were measured, how the research info was gathered, how info was analyzed The Analysis of Research Data: 1. Research problem identified (e.g., high stress in hospitalized children) 2. Research question asked: Will a music intervention reduce stress? 3. Concepts definedmeasured 4. Data collected 5. Data analyzed through statistics Data: is the information gathered to address research questions In quantitative research, data are usually quantitative (numbers) subject to statistical analysis Statistics: refers to collection of mathematical methods of organizing, summarizing, analyzing, interpreting information, drawing conclusion gathered in a study Concepts Variables: Research Variables: Concept : An abstraction inferred from characteristics or behaviors o Examples: pain, stress, body temperature In quantitative studies, concepts are called variables A variable is something that takes on different values; varies o Height, sex, and respiratory rate vary from one person to the next Independent Dependent Variable: Independent variable: cause of or influence on the dependent variable Research questions: are the queries researchers seek to answer through the collection +analysis of data Research questions communicate the research variables the population (the entire group of interest) Ex: In hospitalized children (population) does music (XIV) reduce stress (YDV)? Operationalizing Variables: Variable Definition: In studies, variables need to be defined:
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