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International Development and Globalization
Sonia Gulati

February 24, 2013 Tarabini “Education and poverty in the global development agenda: Emergence, evolution, and consolidation” What is the role of education and poverty in the current global development agenda? Analysing the emergence, evolution, and consolidation of a global agenda, which attributes a key role to education in the fight against poverty. Four issues; i) context in which emergence of agenda must be placed ii) focus on the role of actors, like the role of the WB in settling the agenda iii) explains consolidation of the agenda by the Education for Al Conferences and MDGs iv) the main limitations of the hegemonic agenda. • International bodies, northern and southern governments, and NGOs agree that educational investment is a key strategy in the fight against poverty and achieving development. o More than individual benefit;  Social and economic functions of education  Investment toward national development  Theory of Human Capital; education generates in raising the level of national labour productivity and economic growth. o However, online until the 1990s that education became a priority in the global fight against poverty.  Despite national differences and peculiarities, common objectives, targets and priorities were established to contribute to the definition of an agenda for intervention on a clearly global scale.  Number of poor people in the world still on the increase although there is currently a greater level of global wealth now than ever before; relative poverty is decreasing.  Globalisation has inevitable involved both winners and losers in terms of how different world regions have fared in the market. o Economic growth is insufficient as the dominant solution. o Education is the preferential strategy and has acquired international legitimacy;  Is not only at the core of policies but there is global consensus on the need to make investment in education a priority. • WB has been central to the construction of this consensus. o Has published many documents in which it argues the need to adopt a “New Agenda.”  To make investment in human capital the focus of country’s strategies/policies for poverty reduction.  Has established new ways of funding and assisting countries aimed at increasing effectiveness of education in reducing poverty. o EFA and MDGs have contributed to consolidating this agenda and for setting specific targets. o Since the 1980s has increased influence on education qualitatively and quantitatively.  Only global body with enough capacity, power, and resources to coordinate global initiatives in the field of educational development—as well as most interest with developing this agenda to renew their legitimacy since that SAPs. • After failure of Washington Consensus, WB declared need for a new development strategy. • 1990 World Development Report suggested the possibility of implementing strategies that would be complementary to the market-centered development model and acknowledged the harsh impact of SAPs on poorest sectors.  Post-Washington Consensus; • Development beyond economic growth. • Changing the relationship between the market and that state, making complementary action between them possibly and increasing state intervention. • Struggle against poverty the top priority. • Providing basic education to the poor to counter the direct causal relationship between education and poverty.  PRSPs • Enable poverty reduction to be brought to the core of development strategy. • Inevitable frame reference for developing countries and bilateral and multilateral agencies. • All countries wanting to receive EU aid must participate with PRSPs. • Supposed to be neither compulsory nor conditional but still shape and prescribe policies to be implemented to developing countries. o King argues that this is simply the next new conditionality strategy. o THUS, thought PWC is wider than W
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