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Chapter 2

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Analyzing ArgumentsGoalShowing the structure of argumentsStrategies of analysisIShowing the Structure of ArgumentsArguments may deal with difficult subject matter be stated in obscure language or be long and complex This chapterThe goal is to reach the point where we can evaluate arguments asking questions such as Are the premises true or Is the inference logically successfulFirst however we have to be able to clarify the relationships between the premises and the conclusionsTo analyze arguments we will put them into standard formStandard FormArrange the claims so the premises come before the conclusion they support Do this for intermediate conclusions and the final conclusionNumber the premises and conclusions in the revised orderAfter each conclusion write the number of the premises that supports it pg 19Example 1All men are mortal Socrates is a man Therefore Socrates is mortalFor purposes for this class we should pick out the conclusion first and then order the premisesThe Conclusion1All men are mortal2Socrates is a man3Socrates is mortal 1 2
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