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Lecture 23 - Realism

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University of Ottawa
Daniel Kofman

Dec. 3, 2013 Indirect realism: 1. … 1.2.3 Colors appear or disappear in the light 1.3 particles retain primary but not secondary qualities 1.4 corroboration of primary qualities by different senses; secondary only singular 1.5 Causal explanation of natural events or phenomena does not require secondary; only primary 1.6 Bennet: size blind versus color blind – complexity of first in its interaction in our experiences 1.7 Locke and Mackie: Error theory 2. Rejoinders to Locke: Berkeley: 2.1 Variability of primary as well as secondary qualities 2.2 Inconceivability/unimaginability of primary Note: Hume-Berkeley imagist conception of ideas 3. Rejoinders to Locke: 3.1 Perceptual continuum with pain – possible perceptual continuum from perception of primary quality to pain (touching a sharp point to pain). Therefore continuum of perception with pain cannot establish that perceived quality is only in the mind. 3.2 Variability of secondary qualities – difficult to see why only secondary and not the primary. Shape and size changes with perspective, etc. Berkeley stresses point. But also challenges DR – if color varies according to perceiver and conditions (light) then when not being perceived does not exist. 3.3 Particles retain primary not secondary – is it true? Claim parasitic on 1.5 – that science needs primary qualities of microscopic to explain macroscopic primary qualities, but need not ascribe secondary to microscopic to explain macroscopic secondary. So reduces to scientific ontology. 3.4 Corroboration between senses – Berkeley on Guillaume Molyneux Perhaps, but is it not question begging to say w
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