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Chapter 2

Lecture 12 - Class 2 on Mind & World Chap. 2

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University of Ottawa
Patrice Philie

Oct. 24, 2013 Lecture 2 on Chap. 2 of Mind & World 1. Section 6: A dilemma concerning inner sense Outer sense and the object of experience  The inner/outer distinction  Independence of the object of outer experience  Holism  Worry about idealism set aside Inner experience and the object of experience  McDowell and common sense: no independence here  The phenomenology of inner experience Inner experience and the Given  Dependence of conscious experience  Ontology of the object of experience: private objects  ‘A bare fact of inner experience’ The dilemma  We have to negate: ‘Inner experience is dependent on the awareness of an inner Given’  First way: deny that it’s a matter of awareness  Second way: deny that there is a dependence link Denial of awareness  Inner experience would not be awareness of something ‘in the head’  Problem eliminated  Not satisfying Denial of the dependence link  Inner experience would be independent from what it’s about  On the one side experience, on the other side its object  Same as outer experience  Not satisfying The temptation of behaviorism: Wittgenstein  Wittgenstein himself hesitates  Remarks 304-311  McDowell: “This is a very difficult area” (p.22) A false dilemma  Source of the dilemma: ‘Inner experience is dependent on the awareness of an inner Given’  McDowell: We just have to deny that it’s a non-conceptual Given  Dependence of awareness accounted for McDowell’s solution  Conceptualizing the object of inner experience  Same app
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