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Chapter 68

Chapter 68 – A Country That Must be Made

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Political Science
Luc Turgeon

68 – ACountry That Must be Made Rene Levesque (1968) – founder of the Parti Quebecois and Quebec premier from 1976 to 1985 1. Belonging • North American was first French, then came theAnglo-Saxons • The survival of French through various regimes and changes • The core of Quebec identity • In order not to perceive this identity, one must be uprooted and cut-off 2. TheAcceleration of History • The shift from farmers to city-dwellers • The automobile and airplane have taken us outside • Radio, films, and television have opened the window to the world • The old protective barriers are less effective due to the development of science, technology, and economic activity 3. The Quiet Revolution • Education has become a top priority • Progress in social welfare (hospital insurance, family and school allowances, pension schemes, etc.) – ahead of the rest of the country • Refinement of electoral practices to modernize and strengthen administrative structures – road to the future • “Revolution of rising expectations” 4. The Basic Minimums • Political regime under which Quebec has lived for many years – we are a nation
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