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University of Ottawa
Political Science
David Rangdrol

That more of Southeast Asias political regimes may soon be democratizedDemocratization may also be hastened by neighborhood effectsIndeed where change in Southeast Asia has taken place it has involved sets of institutional and procedural adaptations that either stunt the quality of new democracies where they have appeared or merely reconfigure old patterns of authoritarian ruleIn several instances elites have consented to reforms that have diminished their own power but collectively advanced democratic changeHowever if democracys low quality has enabled elites in Indonesia to reach needed first toaccommodation and to a lesser extent in the Philippines they haveresolve a more epic confrontation in Thailand a process that may just have begun Elites in Thailand arrayed across imperious ministries and royalist bureaus a nonhierarchical military disembodied political parties metropolitan business conglomerates and upcountry godfather enterprises have historically sooner clashed while in pursuit of their interests than coalesced Like old oligarchism in the Philippines then reconstructed monarchism in Thailand has increased the differentiation between elites widening the institutional and factional fissures between themThat more than in Indonesia and the Philippines where elites have reached basic agreements over how to organize political life rivalries between elites in Thailand have been hardened too by ideological differencesNew democracies in Indonesia the Philippines and Thailand debased on various dimensions have enabled elites to disperse
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