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PSY2105FChapter1BackgroundandTheoriesththSeptember5102012DevelopmentalPsychologyandItsRootsWhatIsDevelopmentalPsychologyDevelopmental PsychologyoThe study of changes in behaviour and abilities over the course of developmentGoals of developmental psychologyoDescriptionIdentify childrens behaviour at various developmental pointsExample QuestionsWhen do babies start to detect colourWhat do 5year olds understand about the mindHow do adolescents usually resolve conflicts with their peersoExplanationDetermine the causes and processes that govern developmental changeExamines the effects of such factors as the genes children inherit from their parentsBiological characteristics of the human brainPhysical and social environment in which children live and types of experiences they encounterWhyStudyChildrenPeriod of rapid changeoPhysical growth social interactions cognitive and emotional effectsacquisition of language memory abilitiesLongTerm InfluencesoEvents and experiences influence an individuals later adult development1PSY2105FChapter1oWho we are today depends on out development and experiences as childrenInsight into complex adult processesoUseful for understanding complex adult behavioursThe growing child showcases development of skills and abilities such as languageRealworld applicationsoBenefitsPoverty illiteracy drugs and crimeoEffects of daycare classroom teachings methods and parental disciplinary techniques Interesting subject matteroHuman children are intriguing and wondrousHistoricalViewsAncient Greece and RomeoImportance of education but defendedInfanticide slavery domestic workservice in brothels severe punishmentexploitationMedieval and Renaissance PeriodsoCatholic ChurchPromoted ideaimage of children beingPure and innocent beingsStrong stand against infanticide oRenaissanceFoundling homesWealthy individuals took in sick lost and unwanted childrenMaterialismandEmpiricismMaterialismoThomas Hobbes 15881679oSoul is meaningless2
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