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Ch 16Sexual Coercion Presentation Ottawa Rape Crisis Center Who are we OTTAWA RAPE CRISIS CENTREORCCFounded by a group of feminist women in 1974Values are based on principles of feminist practice which recognize that violence is a social issue and a product of the society we live in Feminist principles included in our practice support a wide variety of values that encompass social justice antioppression and antiracismWhat is Rape What is Sexual AssaultDefinition of sexual violenceAny unwanted sexual act thatperson has not agreed to such as Street hasslingObscene telephone callsFlashing or exposing Masturbation in front of a woman childPornographyCrowdinginvasion of personal spacePhysical molestation touchingSexual harassment on the jobDate acquaintancestranger rape rape with physical violenceStatisticsAccording to statistics Canada report in 2008 86 of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime however according to the Ottawa Coalition To End Violence Against Women2009only 1in 10 sexual assaults are reported to policeSexual assaults are commonly committed by someone known to the survivor 46 family members24 partner 5 former spouse strangers18 Statistics Canada 2011cAccording to Statistics Canada General Social Survey20042007 72 survivors of sexual assault confided in friendsfamily and 41 turned to informal supports ie The ORCC crisis line receives 1540 calls a year Reactions to Sexual AssaultWhat reactions do you think are common to survivors of childhood sexual assault and recent sexual assault Societalembarrassed shameful lose trust in strangers IndividualBlame yourself I should have been more careful I should have watched my drink I shouldnt have gone out depressed sexual dysfunctions Worthlessness If someone that loved me did something like that to mewow I must be worthless lower selfesteem more negative sexual selfperceptionsInterpersonallose trust in people disconnect from friendsGlobalmay perceive the world as a much darker place than it really is Boundaries you need to set when working with someone with rapeTaking care of yourself Debriefing a hard situation and signing off of crisis lineAcknowledging the fact that you arent the expert in everything and owning up when you dont know something A lot of people dont want to label it as rapeA lot of people in this work cannot let previous SA experiences interferePresenting Concerns for SurvivorsEmotional reactions shock self destructive thoughts and behaviours attempts to manage emotions through addictive or compulsive activities self injury or self stimulation Self perception low self esteem selfloathing shame and stigmaPhysical and somatic effects direct physical reactions medical conditions and illness post traumatic stress dissociative manifestationsSexual effects anxiety and physical or psychological traumaInterpersonal relatedness characterized by mistrust and conflict non nurturing relationships with friends coworkers partners parents Loss of power and control Biopsychosocial impacts of sexual assault Physicalsymptoms o Headaches o Abdominal cramps o Chronic FatigueDistorted Thinking o Its all my fault o I cant trust anyone o I am inherently shamefulbadEmotional Difficulties o Depression o Guilt SelfBlame o AngerRages o NumbingRelationship Problems o Lack of assertiveness o Attraction to abusive partners o Neediness or distancing o Poor interpersonal boundariesHow to support someone who has been sexually assaulted
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