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Public Administration
Joseph Roman

Sept 916September1113320 PM Jon Pierre Introduction Understanding Governance in Debating Governance Authority Steering and Democracy ed Jon Pierre Oxford Oxford University Press 2000 pp 110Erosion of traditional bases of power most significant development in the advanced industrialized democracies restructuring the state deprived it of traditional sources of power policy capacity institutional capabilities and legitimacyoBecause strength of the nation state was challenged by serveral sources Deregulation of financial markets and increase of volatility of international capital deprived the state of traditional capabilities to govern its economyoSubnational governments have become more assertive against the stateoStates capacity to impose its will on society has become challenged by cohesive policy networksoStates been challenged from withins its ability to address salient societal problems has been questioned by political elites80s90s saw rapid ascendance of neoliberal regimes in advanced democracies and definineng the state as a chief source of several problems in society and poor economic performanceThatcher and etc inftroduced an institutional restructuring of the state creating semi autonomous agencies to replace governmental centers of command and control functions ex Creation of minimalist stateDeregulation privatization reductions of public service introduction of managerialism in the public sector and creation of semi autonomous agenciesoAll changes created an alteration of the political landscapeLegitimacy of government predominant role in the state waning due to lack of confidence citizens less willing to pay taxes challenge states ability to maintain control over external government and impose will on society search for alternative strategiesShift towards governance as political strategy for states to redefine role in societyStates ability to adapt to external changesGovernanceoDefinition 1 empirical manifestations of state adaptation to its external environment as it emerges in the late 20th centuryoDefinition 2 conceptual or theoretical representation of coordination of social sysetms and the role of the state in the processOld governance how and with what conceivable outcomes the state steers society and the economy through political brokerage and by defining goals and making priorities
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