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University of Ottawa
Public Administration
Roger Rickwood

WEEK 11March2014532 PM Inwood CH 11 public administration and accountabilityGovernment ought to act in a responsible manner and be accountable to the people or it may lose the reins of powerResponsible governmentoBulwark of democracy and system to check the poweroMeant to democratize government by giving more power to the peoplePower belongs to the peopleoEverything officials do should relate to the will of the people as expressed through representatives in parliament formulation implementation evaluationInstitutions through which parliament is held to account HOC parliamentary committees opposition parties media interest groups judiciary law accountability enforced through constitutional and administrative lawAccountability connected to a system of rewards and punishments to ensure compliance measuresMinisterial responsibilityDefinition ministers responsible for all actions o their departments and must answer for them fired if mistake is great enoughDoctrine of answerability ministerial responsibility satisfied if minister answers to HOC for the mistake and implements remedial actionCollective ministerial responsibility cabinet acts collectively in every decision accept this for errors if majority votes against government it must resignoMaintains government stability and confidentiality requires ministers to support cabinet publically stabilit
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