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ANT 205 CHAPTER NOTES 9/11/2012 5:34:00 PM INTRODUCING FORENSIC ANTHROPOLOGY Axial skeleton  Head, thorax, pelvis Appendicular skeleton  Limb bones Bone consists of two structural components  Compact bone and spongy bone Bone functions include  Support, movement, protection of vital organs, hemopoiesis and mineral storage Long bone divided into three sections  Diaphysis  Two or more epiphyses located at ends of bone  Metaphysis – between diaphysis and epiphysis - periosteum envelops outer cortex of diaphysis Forensic anthropological procedures Inventory  Determine if bones are human  Individual bones identified  Is it from the right or left side of body – called “siding”  Then laid on table in anatomical position Skeletal biology and the biological profile Underlying principle of skeletal biology is that certain aspects of an individuals life history are recorded in his/her skeleton Can determine height, weight, sex, ancestry, age, activity levels, diseases and traumatic events Establish biological profile of skeleton  Sex o Pelvis most sexually dimorphic skeletal element o Female pelvis typically wider o Features to examine include presence of ventral arc, ischiopubic ridge, preauricular sulcus, subpubic angle o Males tend to have larger neck muscles o Mastoid processes of males tend to be wider and longer o Superior margins of orbit, called supraorbital orbital margins tend to be thin and sharp in females o Jaw line and chin of males are more square and pronounced, female chins more pointed/obtuse  Age o Age is based on morphological changes in skeleton over time o Development of skeleton and teeth useful for estimating age o Female skeletons wi
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