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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Protein Structure and Function Key ConceptsMost cell functions depend on proteinsAmino acids are the building blocks of proteins Amino acids vary in structure and function because their slide chains vary in compositionProteins vary widely in structure The structure of a protein can be analyzed at 4 levels that form a hierarchy the amino acid sequence substances called ahelices and Bbeta pleated sheets interactions between amino acids that dictate a proteins overall shape and combinations of individual proteins that make up larger multiunit moleculesIn cells most proteins are enzymes that function as catalysts Chemical reactions occur much faster when they are catalyzed by enzymes During enzyme catalysis the reactants bind to an enzymes active site in a way that allows the reaction to proceed efficiently Oaprin and Haldanes original ideas have been revised Current form the theory can be broken into 4 steps each requiring an input of energy 1 Chemical evolution began with the production of small organic compounds such as formaldehyde HCO and hydrogen cyanide HCN and with reactants such as H CO CH and 2224NH 32 Simple organic compounds react to form the midsize molecules called amino acids nitrogenous bases and sugars3 Midsize building block molecules
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