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Chapter 2

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Forensic Science
Wade Knaap

Chapter 2 The Crime ScenePhysical Evidence Any object that can establish that a crime has or has not been committed or can link a crime and its victim or its perpetratorEncompasses any and all objects that can establish that a crime has or has not been committed or can link a crime and its victim or perpetratorIf physical evidence is to be used effectively to aid the investigator its presence first must be recognized at the crime sceneCrime laboratories do not solve crimes only a thorough and competent investigation conducted by professional police officers will enhance the chances for a successful criminal investigation Forensic science begins at the crime scene The knowhow for conducting a proper crimescene search for physical evidence is within the grasp of any police department regardless its size In many jurisdictions police agencies have delegated this task to a specialized team of techniciansSecuring and Isolating the Crime SceneThe first officer arriving on the scene is responsible for preserving and protecting the area as much as possible Special note should be taken of any vehicles or people leaving the sceneFirst priority should be given to obtaining medical assistance for individuals in need of it and to arresting the perpetrator Extensive efforts should be made to exclude all unauthorized personnel from the scene If medical assistance is needed the officer should direct medical workers to approach the body by an indirect route to minimize the possibility of disturbing evidence The first officer must evaluate the victims condition and record any statements made by the victim This info must be later included in notesAs additional officers arrive measurements must be made to isolate the area Only investigative personnel assigned to the scene should be admitted The responding officers must keep an accurate log of who enters and exits the scene and the time at which they do soEvery individual who enters the scene is a potential destroyer of physical evidence even if its by unintentional carelessness Securing and isolating the crime scene are critical steps in an investigation the accomplishment if which is the mark of a trained and professional crimescene investigative team
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