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Chapter 29


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Helen Hatton

Ch 29 Cold WarPost War Recovery 194570 after WW2 people were wounded homeless hungry unemployed and psychologically damaged by their loss Warsaw almost completely destroyed Polish people aided by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration to rebuild their city Warsawreconstructed to its original form Europes collective struggle was urban reconstruction and economic survival The Origins of the Cold War rebuilding was not an easy not enough money after the war duh political disorganization everywhere US and Soviet Union two richest and strongest nations in the world disagreed in economic reconstruction and future plans for Europe Soviet saw through USs hidden agenda of promoting American capital in the world market US recognized that SU wanted to recover via outright control of eastern Europe hot WW2 vs cold war between US and SU after the war lacked military violence communist vs capitalist democracies iron curtain east vs west US wanted to give financial aid to Germany to help them rebuild Soviet wanted to take from Germany to help them rebuild is this what they fought about Ask professor US Britain and France vs SU why was everyone against communism again and how is it different form fascism Germany was split into two new states in 1949The Federal Republic of German
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