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Dax Urbszat

Oct42003 CHANAPS Notes From Reading C HAPTER 1: THEE VOLUTION OFP SYCHOLOGY Psychology Notes # 1 Psychologists study: -Acrophobia (fear of heights) -Zoophobia (fear of animals) -fighting -mating -how hormones affect the brain. Psychology comes from two Greek words Psyche-soul logos- study The study of the mind -intellectual parents of psychology are the disciplines of philosophy and physiology. -Wilhelm Wundt- German professor (1832) distinguished psychology as a independent discipline and not a stepladder of philosophy and physiology. -Thus Wilhelm Wundt is known as the founder of psychology. -1879 first university in research of psychology in Leipzig. Hence historians have stated that 1879 is the year of birth for psychology. According to Wundt: -Primary focus of psychology was consciousness- the awareness of immediate experience. - Between 1883 and 1893 about 24 new psychological laboratories were discovered by Wilhelms students. - G Stanley Hall (1846-1924) studied with Wilhelm and important to the contribution of psychology in USA. - Hall established Americas first research laboratory in psychology at Johns Hopking University in 1883. - Driving force behind American psychology association(APA) - Worlds largest organization with over 155, 000 members Battle of the schools begins: Structuralism versus Functionalism - First two major schools of thought were structuralism and functionalism entangled in psychologys first great intellectual battle. Structuralism- emerged through the leadership of Edward Titcher - Englishman who earned his degree under Wilhelm wundt Leipzig laboratory. 18 www.notesolution.com
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