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Textbook Notes for Psychology at University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM)

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UTMPSY210H5Elizabeth JohnsonWinter

Child Psychology Notes.docx

OC161957156 Page
17 Sep 2013
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UTMPSY100Y5Ayesha KhanFall

PSY100Y5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Microelectrode, Hard Wired, Genetic Drift

Vanessa Eugine14 Page
29 Jan 2013
Chapter 1 the evolution of psychology psychology is practical, but it is more than that it is a way of thinking. A new science is born: the contributio
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UTMPSY270H5Christine BurtonSummer

PSY270H5 Chapter Notes -Tabula Rasa

OC334022 Page
27 Apr 2011
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UTMPSY344H5Dax UrbszatSummer

PSY344 Chapter notes

OC334045 Page
27 Apr 2011
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UTMPSY220H5Dax UrbszatFall

PSY220H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter lec 1-4: Overjustification Effect, Subliminal Stimuli, Self-Reference

OC31074114 Page
8 Dec 2015
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UTMPSY374H5Meredyth DanemanFall

PSY374 All Chapter Notes

OC334040 Page
27 Apr 2011
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Chapter 1 - 15

OC334045 Page
27 Apr 2011
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UTMPSY100Y5Dax UrbszatFall

Textbook summary chapter 7

OC531310 Page
31 May 2011
Three key processes involved in memory are encoding (getting information in), storage (maintaining it), and retrieval (getting it out). Storage involve
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UTMPSY100Y5Dax UrbszatWinter

Chapter 16:Social Behavior.docx

OC412988 Page
1 May 2012
Social psychology is the branch of psychology concerned with the way individual"s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by others. Person pe
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UTMPSY220H5Dax UrbszatFall

PSY220H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1: Kurt Lewin, Naturalistic Fallacy, Social Neuroscience

OC43944 Page
23 Sep 2012
A science that studies how people think about, influence and relate to others. Very similar to sociology which is the study of people in groups/societi
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UTMPSY220H5Dax UrbszatFall

PSY220H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Overjustification Effect, Leon Festinger, Motivation

OC43944 Page
10 Oct 2012
Attitude: favourable or unfavourable evaluative reaction toward something or someone, exhibited in one"s beliefs, feelings, or intended behaviour. Abc"
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UTMPSY290H5Brett BestonFall

PSY290H5 Chapter Notes - Chapter 1-3: Karl Lashley, Pineal Gland, Hebbian Theory

OC40569530 Page
4 Oct 2015
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