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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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Dax Urbszat

Chapter 14: Psychological Disorders Introduction What is the basis for judging behaviour as normal vs. abnormal? Who makes the judgment? Abnormal Behaviour: Myths, Realities and Controversies The Medical Model Applied to Abnormal Behaviour Defn: medical model proposes that it is useful to think of abnormal behaviour as a disease Explains why it is called mental illness, mental disorder or psychopathology (pathology refers to the manifestations of a disease) Became the dominant way of thinking about abnormal behaviour during 18 and 19 century and its influence remains strong today th Before the 18 century, conceptions of abnormal behaviour were based on superstition o Patients thought to be possessed by demons, witches or to be victims of Gods punishment o Treated using chants, rituals and exorcisms Rise of medical model brought improvement in treatment of patients Ineffectual approaches to treatment eventually gave way to scientific investigation of causes and cures of psychological disorders Thomas Szasz- asserts that diseaseillness can only affect the bodyminds cant really be sick o Argues that abnormal behaviour usually involves deviation from social norms rather than an illness o According to Szasz, medical models disease analogy coverts moral and social questions about what is acceptable behaviour into medical questions Diagnosis: distinguishing one illness from another Etiology: apparent causation and developmental history of an illness Prognosis: forecast about probable course of an illness Criteria of Abnormal Behaviour in making diagnoses, clinicians rely on variety of criteria, the foremost of which are the following: deviance, maladaptive behaviour and personal distress people are often viewed as disordered when only one criterion is met judgments about mental illness reflect prevailing cultural values, social trends, and political forces and scientific knowledge; Diagnoses involves value judgments of what is normal or abnormal people are judged to have psychological disorders only when their behaviour becomes extremely deviant, maladaptive or distressing normality and abnormality exist on a continuum www.notesolution.comwww.notesolution.com
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