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Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Treatment of Psychological Disorders Introduction Contemporary treatments of psychological disorders are varied and reflect a distinct set of theory about human functioning Last 50 years has seen significant advances in development and scientific evaluation of treatments for psychological disorders History of treatment for psychological disorders also has had its controversial side As ideas regarding nature of psychological disorders have changed, so have approached to treatment The Elements of the Treatment Process Sigmund Freud is often credited with launching modern psychotherapy Breuer began to treat a young woman referred to as Anna O Anna exhibited variety of physical maladies, including headaches, coughing and a loss of feeling in and movement of her right arm Breuer discovered that Annas physical symptoms cleared up when he encouraged her to talk about emotionally charged experiences from her past Freud and Breuer speculated that talking things through had enabled Anna to drain off bottled up emotions that had caused her symptoms Freud applied Breuers insight to the patients and his successes led him to develop a systematic treatment procedure which he called psychoanalysis Psychotherapy isnt always curative, and many modern treatments place little emphasis on talking Treatments: How many types are there? Include discussion, advice, emotional support, persuasion, conditioning procedures, relaxation training, role playing, drug therapy, biofeedback and group therapy No one knows exactly how many distinct types of psychotherapy there are May be over 400 approaches to treatment Approaches to treatment can be classified into 3 major categories: www.notesolution.comwww.notesolution.com
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