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Chapter 9

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CHAPTER 9 Key Concepts in Psychological TestingA psychological test is a standardized measure of a sample of a persons behaviorYour responses to a psychological test represent a sample of your behaviorBecause of the limitations of the sampling process test scores should always be interpreted cautiously Principal Types of TestsMost tests can be placed in one of two broad categories mental ability and personality tests Mental Ability Testsmost common kind of psychological testingintelligence tests aptitude test and achievement testsIntelligence tests measure general mental abilityAptitude tests asses specific types of mental abilitiesAchievement tests gauge a persons mastery and knowledge of various subjects Personality TestsPersonality tests measure various aspects of personality including motives interests values and attitudesDo not have right and wrong answers Standardization and NormsStandardization refers to the uniform procedures used in the administration and scoring of a testTest norms provide information about where a score on a psychological test ranks in relation to other scores on that testA percentile score indicates the percentage of people who score at or below the score one has obtainedThe sample of people that the norms are based on is called a tests standardization group Reliabilityrepeated measurements should yield reasonably similar resultsConsistency in measurement is essential to accuracy in measurementReliability refers to the measurement consistency of a testor of other kinds of measurement techniquesA correlation coefficient is a numerical index of the degree of relationship between two variablesThe closer the correlation comes to 100 the more reliable the test is ValidityValidity refers to the ability of a test to measure what it was designed to measure Content ValidityContent validity refers to the degree to which the content of a test is representative of the domain its supposed to cover Criterion Related Validity
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