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PSY213 Aging in a Changing World Key terms.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Giampaolo Moraglia

7 Jan, 2013 PSY213Chapter1–Keyterms Change Alteration/modification from one time to another Development Systematic process of adaptive change in behaviour in one or more directions Learning Long-lasting change in behaviour as a result of experience Maturation Unfolding of a biologically determined sequence of behaviour patterns, including readiness to master new abilities Lifespan development Concept of development as a lifelong process of adaptation Lifespan developmental psychology Branch of psychology whose primary task is the scientific study of lifespan development Plasticity In the lifespan developmental approach, modifiability of skills with training and practice, even in later life Ageless self Concept of remaining the same person regardless of age Chronological age Number of years a person has lived Functional age Measure of a person’s ability to function effectively, in his/her physical and social environment, relative to chronological age. Gerontologists People engaged in gerontology, the study of the aged and processed of aging Biological age Measure of progress along the potential lifespan predicted by a person’s physical condition 7 Jan, 2013 Psychological age Measure of how effectively a person can adapt to environmental challenges Social age Measure of conformity to an expected progression of social roles at various phases of life Heredity Inborn influences on development, carried on the genes Environment Totality of non-genetic stimuli influencing development Normative age-graded influences Biological and environmental influences on development that are highly similar for people in a given age group. Normative history-graded influences Biological and environmental influences on development that are common to a particular cohort Cohort
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