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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kathy Pichora- Fuller

Chapter 5: Mental Health Interventions % of adults with mental disorders < in older age groups compared to middle- and younger-aged adults Age of onset for depression ^ other mental disorders more likely earlier in life than later Mental health: state of successful mental functioning resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships, ability to adapt to change and copewith adversity Measures of prevalence, severity, durability of mental disorders are standard markers of mental health in epidemiology 46% prevalence rate for suffering from one disorder, 28% two or more, 17% 3 or more Age of first onset of mental disorders = usually adolescence, early adulthood Median age for anxiety disorders & impulse control disorders much earlier than for substance use disorders and mood disorders Very narrow range for age of first onset for most disorders % of those who experienced distress wi last 30 days highest for 45-64, blacks People with short version of gene 5-HTT more reactive to stressful events more vulnerable to depression fMRI: age has negative association with activation in medal prefrontal cortex for happiness, positive association with activation in medial prefrontal cortex for fear ERP: age has negative association with early ERPs for happiness, positive association with later ERPs for fear Socioemotiona
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