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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to Forensic Psychology

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Dax Urbszat

Chapter1IntrotoForensicPsychologyForensic psychology a field of psychology that deals with all aspects of human behaviour as it relates to the law or legal system ex eyewitness memory and testimony jury decision making criminal behaviour deception detection and risk assessment WHAT IS FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGYThere is an ongoing debate about how forensic psychology should be defined specifically whether the definition should be narrow or broad Narrow definitions focus on clinical aspects of the field while ignoring experimental research that many psychologists conduct Narrow definitions focus only on the applications of psychologyBroad definitions are less restrictive They define forensic psychology asaThe research endeavour that examines aspects of human behaviour directly related to the legal processbThe professional practice of psychology within or in consultation with a legal system that embraces both civil and criminal lawTHE ROLES OF A FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGISTForensic psychologists are always interested in the issues that arise at the intersection between psychology and the law Forensic psychologists can be clinicians researchers or legal scholarsDefinition Examples CliniciansClinical forensic psychologists are Developing and testing the validation of an concerned with the assessment and assessment tool used to predict the risk of treatment of mental health issues as they an offender acting violentlypertain to the law or legal system This can Assessing an offender to assist the parole include a wide variety of settings such as board in making accurate decisionsschools prisons and hospitalsDetermining criminal responsibility and fitness to stand trialForensic psychiatry also focuses on assessment and treatment of mentally ill Designing and conducting treatment people involved in the law but psychiatrists programs for offenderscan prescribe medications ResearchersExperimental forensic psychologists are Determining what factors influence jury concerned with the study of human decision makingbehaviour as it relates to the law or legal Testing better ways to conduct eyewitness system They can be found in a variety of lineupscriminal justice settings
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