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Chapter 4

PSY354H5 Chapter 4: Men's Bodies

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Brett Beston

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NotesFromReadingCHAPTER4MENSBODIESPGS87116THE MALE EXTERNAL GENITALIA ARE THE PENIS AND SCROTUMThe parts of the male reproductive system that can been seen from the outside are the penis and the scrotum The testicles or balls are indirectly visible as the twin bulges that give the scrotum its shapeMen have similar distribution of pubic hair as seen in women the hair may extend upward in the midline toward the navel or merge with the general body hair Sparse hair usually covers scrotumThe Penis Combines Erotic Reproductive and Excretory FunctionsPenis The erectile erotically sensitive genital organ in males The penis is involved in sexual arousal excretion of urine and the transfer of gametes from the male to the female The penis in its natural ie uncircumcised condition has three visible portions a shaft a head or glands and a foreskinForeskin The loose skin that partially or completely covers the glans in males who have not been circumcisedMale circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin The procedure is facilitated by the use of a purposemade clamp or other form of local anesthesia to provide pain reliefoIf circumcision is performed in adulthood stitches are necessary and the man needs to refrain from sex or masturbation for about 46 weeksSuperincision An unusual form of male circumcision in which the upper part of the foreskin is incised but not removed Subincision A form of male circumcision in which a cut is made along the underside of the penis exposing the urethra The shaft of the penis contains three erectile structuresoTwo Corpora Cavernosa Either of two elongated erectile structures within the penis or clitoris which also extend backward into the pelvic flooroA single Corpus Spongiosum A single midline erectile structure In both sexes it fills the glands in males it extends backward along the underside of the penis surrounding the urethraTunica Albuginea A fibrous capsule surrounding the corpora cavernosa Glans The terminal knob of the clitoris or penis Suspensory Ligament A ligament that connects the root of the penis to the pubic symphysisPenile Bulb An expansion of the corpus spongiosum at the roof of the penis Ischiocavernosus Muscle One of the muscles that attaches to the internal portions of the penis and clitoris It assists with erection and in men ejaculationBulbospongiosus Muscle A muscle that attaches to the base of the penis or clitoris and assists with erection and in men ejaculation In women the internal portion of the muscle surrounds the introitus oBulbospongiosus muscle is an integral part of the external anal sphincter muscle thus the anal sphincter contracts during ejaculation as do other muscles of the pelvic floorThe urethra which discharges urine from the bladder and semen from internal reproductive glands enters the root of the penis and traverses its length to emerge at the tip of the glansUrethral Meatus The opening at the tip of the penis in males or in the front of the vagina in femalesThe deep structures of the penile shaft are enclosed in a tough or Fascia A tough sheet or sheath of connective tissueCorona The rim of the glans of the penis Frenulum A strip of loose skin on the underside of the penis running between the glans and the shaft
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