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Chapter 16

chapter 16

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Chapter 16: The Economy and Work Chapter examines the economy Explores the character of work and explains some of the consequences of the emerging global marketplace for Canadians The Economy: Historical Overview Economy: social institution that organizes societys production, distribution and consumption of goods and services Goods: commodities ranging from necessities to luxury items Services: activities that benefit others Economy operates in a generally predictable manner The Agricultural Revolution Earliest human societies were made up of hunters and gatherers Technologically simple societies No distinct economy Production and consumption took place within the family New agricultural economy was created when people harnessed animals to plow which was more productive than hunting and gathering Many took on specialized work Four factors tat made the economy a distinct social institution: agricultural technology, job specialization, permanent settlements and trade The Industrial Revolution Mid 1700s First in England and then in North America Development of industry was even more powerful in bringing change to economy Industrialization changed the economy in five ways: 1. New sources of energy -energy used to mean muscle power of people or animals -James Watt introduced the steam engine 2. Centralization of work in factories -moved work from homes to factories 3. Manufacturing and mass production www.notesolution.com
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