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Ch2 Challenges In Criminal JusticeAddressing The High Cost of Crime and Criminal Justice Despite significant increases in the costs of criminal justice and in the numbers of justice system personnel there is no evidence that this has contributed to increased effectiveness or efficiency of the criminal justice systemResponding to Organized Crime and Terrorist Threats The criminal justice system has been designed to respond to tradition types of crimes such as assault break and enter robbery and homicide The overall rates of these common varieties of crime are declining mean while the justice system is being increasingly challenged by more sophisticated types of criminal activity including international drug trafficking illegal immigration and human trafficking sexual slavery money laundering identity theft hightech and computer crime cyber terrorism and industrial espionageInvestigating and prosecuting these types of crime is expensive timeconsuming and resourceintensiveAdapting The Administration of Justice To The Task Environments of Criminal Justice A task environment in the context of the criminal justice system is the cultural geographic and community setting in which the criminal justice system operates and in which criminal justice personnel make decisionsThe demographics of the area the local economic conditions and the ethnic mix combine to influence decisions As these factors vary so too will the types of crime or social disorder community expectations regarding enforcement the communitys capacity to address local issues and relations between the justice system and the citizens it servesAddressing Public Perceptions of Crime and The Criminal Justice System Rehabilitation is viewed as the most important objective of sentencing and while there is support for tougher sentences for drug traffickers there is
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