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SOC227H5 Chapter Notes -Scientific Management, Task Management

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Gregory Bird

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The Principles of Scientific Management
Frederick Taylor
Scientific management also called task management
Three main points of paper:
o Loss faced by our country through inefficiency in our daily acts
o Remedy for this insufficiency lies in systematic management, not in searching for
unusual or extraordinary man
o Best management in a true science, based on defined laws, rules and principles that
are the foundation
Principles of Scientific Management
Three main questions regarding scientific management:
1. Wherein do the principles of scientific management differ essentially from those of
ordinary management?
2. Why are better results attained under scientific management than in other styles of
3. Is not the most important problem that of getting the right man at the head of the
company? And if you have the right man cannot the choice of the type of management be
safely left to him?
Finest Type of Ordinary Management
**the ingenuity of each generation has developed quicker and better methods for doing
every element of the work in every trade
in a broad way, the methods used now can be considered the survival of the fittest and
the best ideas developed since primitive times
not common to have one right way; no uniformity in the methods used
**handed down information from previous generations (traditional knowledge) can be
seen as a principle asset or possession of every tradesman
o managers realize that those that work under them may have this traditional
knowledge that they themselves dont have
o Managers expect workers to use their traditional knowledge and skills to yield the
largest possible return for the employer
initiative: all the good qualities sought for from workmen
o workers dont tend to give employers their full initiative unless they are given
something in return that they cant usually get from other managers
o workers find that giving employers their best initiative is against their own interest
instead of working hard to do the largest possible amount of work and the best quality of
work for their employers they deliberately work as slowly as they can while at the same
time trying to make those over them believe that they are working fast (pg. 26)
o for this reason, employers have to give some special incentive so employees are
motivated to do better than average
o i.e- hope for promotion, higher wages, better working conditions
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