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Modernity's Classical Age

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Erik Schneiderhan

Modernity’s Classical Age: 1848-1919 Pages 23-30 • Work of literature considered classic when readers continue to read it years after its written • In literature, a writing is classic because it still serves as a useful reference or meaningful model for stories people tell of their own lives • Modern world brought destruction- i.e. railroads being built • Baron Georges Haussmann- first city planner; reconstructed much of old Paris which people today mistake for “tradition” o Modern progress entails tearing down of much that is traditional • modern world destroys old family and small-town values; erosion of values • Marx- modern world was one in which “all that is solid melts into air’ nothing what it appeared to be o No future payoff guaranteed • Modern west from 1848- classic age of modernity and of social theory • Social theory became more necessary skill in this period o Practically, ordinary people, many of them new to the strange city needed to learn to introduce and explain themselves to strangers who knew nothing of their family names o Professionally, this was
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