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Erik Schneiderhan

Lemert 249-259 The Negro Problem as a Moral Issue- Gunnar Myrdal  Myrdal argues in structural manner of Merton’s earlier essay on anomie that race is a moral issue arising out of American economic history but against its moralistic culture  “Negro problem” in U.S. and most americans aware of it  Very presence of negroes in America- his biological, historical, and social existence as a participant in American represent to ordinary white man an irregularity in the structure of society (pg 249)  America a moralistic and ‘moral-conscious’ nation  Ordinary American a rationalistic being and there are close relations between his moralism and his rationalism  Americans have their attention directed more on dissimilarities than on similarities within his culture  Essentials of American ethos  American dilemma of his time referred to the co-existence of the American liberal ideals and the miserable situation of blacks. On the one hand, enshrined in the American creed is the belief that people are created equal and have human rights; on the other hand, blacks, as one tenth of the population, were treated as an inferior race and were denied numerous civil and political rights  Concluded that the "Negro problem" is a "white man's problem." That is, whites as a collective were responsible for the disadvantageous situation in which blacks were trapped  American creed- emphasizes the ideals of liberty, equality, justice, and fair treatment of all people; this creed that enables all people—white, negroes, rich, poor, male, female, and foreign immigrants alike—with a common cause and allows for them to co-exist as one nation Disorganization of the Polish Immigrant- William I. Thomas
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