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Lecture 3

SOC232 - Week 3 Readings on Addams, Myrdal, Thrasher, Mao and others .docx

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Erik Schneiderhan

Week 3 Readings Jane Addams – Focused on the needs of the poor – especially women. Settlement = Labor Movement • “The Settlement as a factor in the Labor Movement” - Talks about the sewing trades in Hull House “ Having observed the workers in this trade as compared to those in organized trades, they have gradually discovered that lack of organization in a trade tends to the industrial helpless of the workers in that trade” • States that isolation in industrial affairs is a social crime because it leads to extermination. Myrdal • “An American Dilemma” is a critique of the social and economic biases of racial conflict in the US. “Negro problem as a moral issue” is from the intro of his book where he talks about the rationalism and moralism Americans have in their “American Creed” Americans think under Americans think under influence of nation and church influence of Thomas & Znaniecki individual • “The Polish Peasant in Europe and America” focused on the disorganization of polish immigrants, and they looked at the different types of crime: 1. Crime within the individual’s own group – least likely b/c there is little motive and people want security within their group. 2. Crime by the individual outside group – b/c their environment is full of difference which causes hostility, mistrust, danger etc. In these kinds of murders there is always a reaction to some present or past act of aggression. Thrasher – studied urban studies (i.e. gangs – book 1,313 gangs in Chicago) • “Personality and Status within the Gang” – Personality and physique are determinants in gang status; individual differences characterize the members of the group. Every gang member fits an individual niche that previous experience in the gang has determined for him. There are 3 classes of gang members 1. “inner circle” (leader and posy) 2. “rank and file” (determines which members are in good standing) 3. “fringers” (in and out members). Woolf -- What t
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