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Chapter 16

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David Brownfield

Chapter 16 notes Corporate & White Collar Crime  White collar crime – coined by Sutherland after the great depression. Used to refer to crimes / scandals committed through corporations o A crime committed by a respectable and high social status in their occupation o 2 forms of white collar crime 1. Occupational – a crime committed by an individual / group for personal gain 2. Organizational – a crime committed with the intent to advance the company / organizations goals  Wheeler & Rothman categorized White – Collar offenders into 3 groups: 1. Individual Offender - People who committed offences alone / affiliated with others using neither an occupational / organizational role 2. Occupational Offender – People who committed offences alone / affiliated others using an occupational role 3. Organizational offender – people who committed offences in which both organization & occupation were involved  3 components of middle / upper class life that shape them into becoming white collar criminals 1. Competitive spirit 2. Arrogance – convinced rules don‟t apply to them 3. Sense of entitlement  1/3 of all job injuries are
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