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Chapter 5

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Lina Samuel

Chapter 5 pgs. 99-119 Gender of Precarious Employment in CAN SER (Standard Employment Relationship) normative model: o One employer, works full-time year round on employers premises and under supervision, enjoys statutory benefits and entitlements, expects to be employed indefinitely Precarious Employment: o Atypical employment contracts, limited social benefits and statutory entitlements, job insecurity, low job tenure, low earnings, poor working conditions, high risks of ill health Sex difference become social inequalities gender shapes social relations in key institutions that organize society (eg. Labour market) Growth of non-standard jobs outpacing full-time, full-year jobs Non-standard employment made up of 4 situations o Part-time, temporary (incl. Contract, term, seasonal, casual, other forms with predetermined end date), self employment, multiple job holding Women more likely to be in non-standard employment but as rate of non-standard jobs grow, proportion of men in this type grows The 4 situations of non-standard employment are not mutually exclusive (eg. Can be part-time temp or permanent, multiple job holdings can be permtempself employment) so must move away from this grouping to Precarious employment definition which focuses on the quality of the jobs www.notesolution.com
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