Carole Pateman- Feminist critique of public/private spheres

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Women and Gender Studies

FEMINIST CRITIQUES OF THE PUBLICPRIVATE DICHOTOMY CAROLE PATEMANWomen inhabit private realm of the family and males have control over public life as well as the private sphereLiberalism is properly patriarchal liberalismUltimately the feminist movement is about the dichotomy between private and public spheresPARADIGMS MODELS AND IDEOLOGIES GEOFFRY PONTON AND PETER GILLFour paradigms which demonstrate the relationship of individuals and society with which social and political analysis is concernedLiberalism sees the individual as existing before societyoArgues that beliefs and behavoiur of individuals rather than society as a whole should be the central object of analysesoIndividual rights should take priority over collective needs of societyoGovernment intervention in social and economic affairs should be minimized Conservatives emphasize the social whole over and above the role of individualsoSocial organism the whole as the key to understanding since it is what defines the position of individuals the partsoIndividual rights may have to be subordinated to the good of the whole social organismoWhat is good for the social organism is decided by those empowered to rule which means social economic and military elitesoGovernment seen as entitled to intervene to maintain an ordered and peaceful societyC
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