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Women and Gender Studies

A maid by any other name Leslie Sanzinger Salzinger studies immigrant women who do domestic work in the United StatesArgues that diversity among these workers experiences can be explained by the loss of manufacturing jobs and the increasing need for service worksDomestic service jobs needed not only by wealthy people but also by elderly and working parentsMany women been in United Sates for almost a decade but were still doing domestic work Domestic work is a paradigmatic case of immigrant dirty work of work that is irredeemably demeaningSalzinger argues that the human capital resources they broughtor failed to bring with them account for little of their work experience in this country it is within the context of the constraints and opportunities they encountered here that we can understand their occupational decisions their attitudes toward their work and ultimately their divergent abilities to transform the work itselfWhy Domestic WorkSaskia SassenKoob focuses directly on the structural context entered by contemporary immigrants to American citiesDuring the last 20 years immigrants have entered the United States declining cities in ever increasing numbers and contrary to all predictions they continue to find enough work to encourage others to follow them While these cities are losing their place as manufacturing centres they are simultaneousl
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