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Women and Gender Studies

Right to Mothering ShuJu ChungWorld women who migrate to perform care labour for upper and middle class women in advanced economies in both the north and the southUneven developments forces unprivileged women to cross borders to care for other families in foreign countries to support their families back homeTransnational family affairs through which a generation of children cared for by other women at home as their maids nannies and substitute mothersIn the case of migrant nannies the issueof motherhood not about male dominance the publicprivate dichotomy unequal gender division of labour double shift or struggle for autonomyoThey cant mother their children in conventional terms because economic fall and family survival compel them to seek overseas employment cannot fulfill idealized image of motherhood otheir fundamental concern is the deprivation of their right to motherhood deprivation of their right to mothering firmly institutionalized in state policy legitimated through state rhetoric and materialized by practices of individual employers and employment agenciesImplications of state policy to mothering experience of migrant women care workers such as foreign domestics and nurses Empire of Care Race and motherhood in transnational eraIllegal status makes it difficult for nannies to return Channeling her love to other peoples children mirrors what SauLing Wong calls diverted mothering the care labour of women of colour is diverted to the children and families of employing white women away from the fair recipients based on kinship or community tiesImmigrant women from sri lanka Indonesia the Philippin
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